​First clinic in a slum of Haiti to begin soon. We are collecting data about the area, the needs, and getting all administrative specifications with the appropriate offices.


When completed the clinic will service about 10 patients a day with plan to double that number by end of the year. People will receive care, referrals and help to become the manager of their health. 

Our goal:

Set up clinics all over the globe to provide Preventive and Integrative Health Care Services to people living in underserved areas. 

Our committement:

To address the problem of HIV and AIDS today and for the future of our world by advocating and instituting prevention, education, projects targeting specific audiences and designed to bring about behavior changes. 

Join us!

Let's make life better for all through education, health promotion, diseases prevention and access to health care for ALL. "WHEREVER WE ARE PEOPLE WILL NOT GO HUNGRY" we will provide one meal a day. 

How can you help?

DOTG/MDG is looking for doctors, nurses, paramedicals, professionals of all disciplines, teachers, students anyone who believes that health promotion is a necessity and a human right. 

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Bridging the gap of disparity, one person at a time.

Doctors of the Globe/ Medcins Du Globe Inc.

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Do you believe that all citizens of the globe should have access to basic education & medical services? Are you looking for a life fulfilling experience? Do you enjoy traveling? Do you like meeting new people, learn about new cultures? Do you enjoy teaching, or just sharing your talents? Most of all, do you like helping people? Can you give up one week a year doing something with a lifetime reward? We are looking for you! We need you!

There are some key paying positions at all levels.
Contact DOTG/MDG for details- Please, inquire at our email:     or

**Write to: Doctors Of The Globe/Medecins Du Globe at: 24972 Wilkes Pl. Suite 1, Laguna Hills, CA. 92653-3082 USA  or call 714-343-1647
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Contact us at the address above or go to contact page for paypal.