​​While promoting health awareness one person at a time, DOTG/MDG received good citizen and excellence awards from the following affiliates:

  • Advantage ElderCare Consulting 
  • Allure Medical  Staffing, Inc.
  • Godaddy.com

These organizations have served Southern California since 1996 and 1999 respectively. They are in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. Doctors of the Globe is in good standing with the Secretary of State, and the Department of Justice Registry of Charitable Trusts. Better Business Bureau and continuously seeking new outlets and better ways to achieve our goals to get healthcare for the underserved.

About Us

Doctors Of The Globe/ Medecins Du Globe (DOTG/MDG) is (a non profit, 501 (c) (3), christian based organization) aiming at Bringing Global Health Awareness one person at a time, while Bridging the gap in Health care disparity. Our goal is to set up clinics all over the globe to provide Preventive and Integrative Health Care Services to people living in underserved areas. 

We are committed to addressing the problem of HIV and AIDS for today and for the future of our world by advocating and instituting prevention, education, projects targetting specific audiences and designed to bring about behavior changes. 

Please join us in the quest for a better life for all through EDUCATION, disease PREVENTION and ACCESS to health care for ALL. 

"ALSO WHEREVER WE ARE PEOPLE WILL NOT GO HUNGRY" we will provide at least one meal a day.

Bridging the gap of disparity, one person at a time.

Doctors of the Globe/ Medcins Du Globe Inc.

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