Doctors of the Globe/Medecins du Globe is a non-profit organization based in California. We extend health care education to underserved around the Globe. Promoting Health awareness and bridging the gap one person at a time.

DOTG/MDG currently is planning a health clinic in the slums of Haiti. Goal: To detect HIV/AIDS, educate and help people manage their health for a better quality, healtier and longer life span.

 We channel resources  to viable health projects in other developing countries. 

Our vision: A better quality of life, understanding of oneself, the ability to live healthy lives and have the promise of healthy futures. We serve direct populations through donations, schools of medicine, public health, but most of all we give the tools to existing healthcare projects in the countries we assist to meet their expectations and reach better  health. We provide vouchers, help purchase medicine, supplies, equipments and manpower in the hope of making health care a common denominator for all.

You can help our mission!
Get Informed, Get Involved or Donate.
You can be part of our effort to bring Health Promotion and Education to those who need it the most. 
Contact DOTG/MDG for details - Please, inquire at our email:  
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Doctors Of The Globe/Medecins Du Globe 
24972 Wilkes Pl. Laguna Hills, CA. 92653-3082 USA
Health care is a necessity. We are committed to help you manage your health at whatever point you maybe in your disease process.

A healthy family is a happy family. Anyone can give for a good cause. We have been helping people since 2012. Help us maintain the cause

  • We mentor the underserved, youth on health promotion, and careers issues.
  • Discuss with them viable options that exist within community. 
  • Provide information about HIV, AIDS awareness.
  • Ministry outreach in inner city USA. 
  • We are committed to help fill the needs of established: clinics, schools, youth programs in inner city USA.
  • We want to raise the awarness of volunteer, mission and humanitarian action opportunity. 

Welcome to Doctors of the Globe/Medecins du globe (DOTG/MDG)

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We hope you will join us in the quest of a better life for all through EDUCATION, disease PREVENTION and ACCESS to health care for all. "ALSO WHEREVER WE ARE PEOPLE WILL NOT GO HUNGRY" we will provide one meal a day. 

DOTG/MDG is looking for doctors, nurses, paramedicals, professionals of all disciplines, teachers, students anyone who believes that health care is a necessity and a human right. 
  • Do you believe that all citizens of the globe should have access to health promotion,  education & basic medical services?
  • Are you looking for a life fulfilling experience? Do you enjoy traveling?
  • Do you like meeting new people, learn about new cultures?
  • Do you enjoy teaching, or just sharing your talents?
  • Most of all, do you like helping people?
  • Can you give up one day or one week a year doing something with a lifetime reward? We are looking for you!!! We need you!!!
Medecins du globe
Bridge the gap in Health Care Disparity one person at a time

Doctors of the Globe, Inc